Executive Leadership Team

The Three Tier Construction leadership team is dedicated to the realisation of the company’s value proposition. The company’s success has been re-enforced by the following pillars of strengths:

  •  Extensive construction and project management expertise
  •  Extensive long term relationship and partnership building between clients




Mike Naidoo - Executive Director
Mike is a successful entrepreneur that has managed various construction and engineering companies prior to joining Three Tier Construction in 2004 as a founding member. He currently serves as managing director of Three Tier Construction. He also plays an active role in the development of young professionals within Three Tier Construction.
Rakesh Singh - Executive Director
Rakesh is an engineering professional and has worked in various industries as an engineer and project manager spanning over 26 years. Rakesh joined Three Tier Construction in 2018 as Chief Operations Director, responsible for projects across all sectors within the Three Tier Group of companies.
Zeyn Kirsten - Executive Director
Zeyn is a mechanical engineering professional with specialisation in the areas of piping, mechanical installation and fabrication. Zeyn has strong entrepreneurial skills and jointly founded Three Tier Construction with Mike in 2004. He currently heads up the operations of Three Tier Construction placing strong emphasis on project execution and efficiency management.
Nicole Majola - Executive Director
Nicole joined Three Tier Construction as Commercial Director in 2017 having previously spent her time in advisory and management roles at KPMG South Africa's Advisory Office and thereafter The Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd. Nicole has extensive Business Services sector experience in risk assessments, negotiating ongoing contracts, setting and delivery the company plan, and implementing new strategies ensuring the organisation follows industry best practice.
Shanon Naidoo - Executive Director
Shanon is a mechanical engineering professional that came up the ranks into Three Tier Construction management. Shanon began his career in the company as a student who was sponsored to study Mechanical Engineering via the company’s growth and development plan. He was appointed to the board in 2016. He plays an active role in various sectors of project execution.
Manickum Reddy - Executive Director
Manickum is an entrepreneur that started his career in the electrical environment and served as a director of various electrical companies. He joined the Group in 2016 as an operations director, responsible for the electrical and instrumentation division. He has managed electrical and instruments projects in various large private sector companies and government infrastructure development.
Phumzile Mercy S. Wati Mhlongo - Non Executive Director
Mercy has worked in various industries both locally and abroad. She has been appointed to the board as a non-executive director in 2016 and is responsible for new business development and plays an active role in the development of previously disadvantaged individuals and communities. She augments the company’s strategy in terms of the company’s social responsible initiative and development of human capital.
Praneal Singh - Non Executive Director
Praneal joined the company as a non-executive director in 2016 and is responsible for civil infrastructure development in both the private and public sector. He has strong entrepreneurial skills and has been responsible for major developments from concept to completion. Praneal augments the company’s strategy in the areas of civil infrastructure development.